Concierge Medicine

This practice is designed to deliver a different level of patient care.

This is a concierge practice, meaning that patients who wish to receive continuing care pay an annual fee that is independent of insurance charges. This is currently $1700 a year, as explained on the concierge enrollment form. As a convenience to patients, the fee can be paid in installments of either quarterly, semi annual, or annual payment plans. The concierge model has evolved over the past decade, primarily seen in primary care. We have elected to use this form of practice because of the complex nature of the problems that are treated. This allows us to limit the number of patients who are seen and allows us to spend more time with each patient. Please carefully consider whether you are financially able to participate in this type of practice. We do not wish to create financial hardship and if this additional medical cost is simply too much for any patient, we would recommend that they receive care elsewhere. Consequently, patients who wish to be part of this practice understand and agree to the following:

  • The concierge fee is independent of insurance charges. We will bill your insurance company for office visits and procedures as usual.
  • Having enrolled as a concierge patient means that you are a patient of the practice. It does not imply that we are obligated to provide treatment other than what is proper and medically appropriate.
  • If a patient elects to pay the fee in installments, we must have a credit or debit card number on file that can be used at the specified intervals. If the card is declined repeatedly, we will need to disengage you as a patient.
  • It is necessary for us to have a valid phone number at which calls will be received—if voice mail is used, it needs to be properly set up and answered. This is also a general practice requirement and absolutely essential for continued treatment here.
  • We understand that the concierge model imposes additional costs, and that this may not be affordable. However, there are other physicians and other practices in the area to provide care.
  • Continuing care assumes understanding and agreement with the concierge model. If you feel that this type of structure is not appropriate for you, there is no obligation to stay with this practice. Under such circumstances, we are happy to assist you in a transition to a different provider.